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8.8 million EUR can be allocated from the Programme funds for project activities in Russia, and 4.4 million EUR of them come from Russian national funding.


Specific objective Project acronym Project Title
Priority 1. Innovation
 1.1  #R076 CAROTS Commercial Analytical Research Organisations Transnational Strategy
1.1 #R036 BalticSatApps

Speeding up Copernicus Innovation for the BSR Environment and Security

1.1 #R037 BSUIN

Baltic Sea Underground Innovation Network

1.1 #R038 IRIS Improved Results in Innovation Support - transnational exchange and joint development between Innovation Infrastructure Organisations
1.2 #R044 SMART-UP BSR Improving smart specialisation implementation of the Baltic Sea Region through orchestrating innovation hubs
1.2 #R080 OSIRIS Supporting the Smart Specialization Approach in the Silver Economy to Increase Regional Innovation Capacity and Sustainable Growth
1.3 #R047Baltic Sea Food B2B distribution model supporting local food sector in Baltic Sea region rural areas
1.3 #R049 Circular PP Using innovation procurement and capacity building to promote Circular Economy
1.3 #R051 INBETS BSR

Innovative Business Transfer Models for SMEs in the BSR

1.3 #R052 SmartUp Accelerator SmartUp Accelerator - Innovation Ecosystem to foster consumer cleantech markets in the Baltic Sea Region
1.3 #R081 Balt Se@nioR 2.0

Innovative solutions to support BSR in providing more senior - friendly public spaces due to increased capacity of BSR companies and public institutions

1.3 #R081 BIS Baltic Industrial Symbiosis
1.3 #R083 Creative Ports Creative Ports - Internationalisation of the Cultural and Creative Industries in the Baltic Sea Region
1.3 #R084 EmPaci Empowering Participatory Budgeting in the Baltic Sea Region
1.3 #R085 Healthy Boost Urban Labs for Better Health for All in the Baltic Sea Region - boosting cross-sectoral cooperation for health and wellbeing in the cities
1.3 #R088 StratKIT Innovative Strategies for Public Catering: Sustainability Toolkit across Baltic Sea Region
1.3 #R089 UrbCulturalPlanning Cultural Planning as a method for urban social innovation
Priority 2Natural resources

Advanced manure standards for sustainable nutrient management and reduced emissions

2.1 #R054  BEST Better Efficiency for Industrial Sewage Treatment
2.1 #R090 CONTRA Baltic Beach Wrack - Conversion of a Nuisance To a Resource and Asset
2.1 #R091 DESIRE Development of Sustainable (adaptive) peatland management by Restoration and paludiculture for nutrient retention and other ecosystem services in the Neman river catchment
2.1 #R092 FanpLESStic-sea FanpLESStic-sea – Initiatives to remove micro-plastics before they enter the sea
2.1 #R094 WATERDRIVE Water driven rural development in the Baltic Sea Region
2.2 #R095 BalticBiomass4Value Unlocking the Potential of Bio-based Value Chains in the Baltic Sea Region
2.3 #R060 Act Now Act Now: Action for Energy Efficiency in Baltic Cities
2.3 #R061 AREA 21

Baltic Smart City Areas for the 21st century

2.3 #R063 LowTEMP

Low Temperature District Heating for the Baltic Sea Region

2.3 #R064 BalticRIM

Baltic Sea Region Integrated Maritime Cultural Heritage Management

2.3 #R096 LUCIA Lighting the Baltic Sea Region - Cities accelerate the deployment of sustainable and smart urban lighting solutions
2.4 #R097 GRASS Growing Algae Sustainably in the Baltic Sea
Priority 3. Transport
3.2 #R100 MARA

Mobility and Accessibility in Rural Areas - New approaches for developing mobility concepts in remote areas


Cities.multimodal – urban transport system in transition towards low carbon mobility


Specific objective Project acronym Project Title
Priority 1. Innovation
1.2 #C007 BSR S3 Ecosystem Baltic Sea Region Smart Specialisation Ecosystem
Priority 2. Natural resources
2.1 #C001 BSR WATER Platform on Integrated Water Cooperation
2.3 #C008 CAMS Platform Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Synergies in Energy Efficiency Projects
2.4 #C003 Blue Platform Bioeconomy for Blue Growth in the Baltic Sea Region – a platform project to capitalize on the outputs of complementary transnational projects
2.4 #C009 Capacity4MSP Strengthening the capacity of MSP stakeholders and decision makers
Priority 3. Transport
3.4 #C006 CSHIPP Clean Shipping Project Platform


Specific objective Project acronym Project Title
Extension Stage
Main Project
Priority 1. Innovation
1.1 #X001 BSN_powerhouse

Baltic Science Network - A Science Powerhouse

1.1 #X010 EUL Empowering Underground Laboratories Network Usage BSUIN
1.1 #X026 DINNOCAP    
1.3 #X003 EcoDesign Circle 4.0

EcoDesign Circle 4.0 - Ecodesign as a Driver of Circular Economy 4.0 in the Baltic Sea Region

EcoDesign Circle
1.3 #X004 SEMPRE Accelerators

SEMPRE Accelerators for Service Co-Creation

1.3 #X004 InBets +

Innovative business transfers in the BSR +

InBets BSR
Priority 2. Natural resources
2.1 #X006 NonHazCity 2

Capitalizing key elements of NonHazCity: empowering private and professional users for better risk management and use reduction of chemical products in their cities

2.1 #X007 WAMBAF Tool Box

Water Management in Baltic Forests - Tool box

2.3 #019 LowTEMP 2.0    
2.3 #020 AREA 21 + action

Baltic Smart City Actions for the 21st century



Specific objective Project acronym Project Title
4.1 #S014 AMR_Northwest Preventing further development of antibiotic resistance in pneumococcal isolates in Northwest Russia
4.1 #S031 WaterMan Seed Climate resilient wastewater and groundwater management by circular approaches that reduce outflows of nutrients and hazardous substances
4.1 #S038 ValueStreams Cross border value streams from nature - valuable natural products from industrial side streams for natural cosmetic, food and beverage industry
4.1 #S041 HansaLink Linking Hanseatic Cultural Heritage in the Baltic Sea Region
4.1 #S046 Change(K)now! Innovative approaches to behavior change in consumption pattern for fostering reduction of hazardous substance to the Baltic Sea
4.1 #S060 RESTinBSR Unlocking transformative ecotourism potential for sustainable regional development

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