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{Третий конкурс проектных заявок}

Третий конкурс проектных заявок

18-19 сентября 2018 г. в Таллине (Эстония) состоялось заседание Мониторингового Комитета Программы, на котором:

  • представлено 114 проектных заявок,
  • одобрен 31 проект, включая 11 проектных заявок с участием российских партнеров.

Проекты с российским участием, отобранные по итогам 3-его раунда
на Мониторинговом Комитете 18-19 сентября 2018 г. (Таллин)

Specific objective Project acronym Project Title
Приоритет 1
 1.1  R3.089 CAROTS Commercial Analytical Research Organisations Transnational Strategy
1.1 BSN_POWERHOUSE Baltic Science Network - A Science Powerhouse
1.2 R3.080 OSIRIS Supporting the Smart Specialization Approach in the Silver Economy to Increase Regional Innovation Capacity and Sustainable Growth
1.2 BSR S3 Ecosystem Baltic Sea Region Smart Specialisation Ecosystem
1.3 R3.026 Creative Ports Creative Ports - Internationalisation of the Cultural and Creative Industries in the Baltic Sea Region
1.3 R3.060 Healthy Boost Urban Labs for Better Health for All in the Baltic Sea Region - boosting cross-sectoral cooperation for health and wellbeing in the cities
1.3 R3.170 BaltSe@nioR 2.0 Innovative solutions to support BSR in providing more senior - friendly public spaces due to increased capacity of BSR companies and public institutions
1.3 R3.088 StratKIT Innovative Strategies for Public Catering: Sustainability Toolkit across Baltic Sea Region
1.3 BIS Baltic Industrial Symbiosis
1.3 ECODESIGN CIRCLE 4.0 EcoDesign Circle 4.0 - Ecodesign as a Driver of Circular Economy 4.0 in the Baltic Sea Region
1.3 EmPaci Empowering Participatory Budgeting in the Baltic Sea Region
1.3 SEMPRE Accelerator SEMPRE Accelerators for Service Co-Creation
1.3 UrbCulturalPlanning Cultural Planning as a method for urban social innovation
Приоритет 2
2.1 R3.071 DESIRE Development of Sustainable (adaptive) peatland management by Restoration and paludiculture for nutrient retention and other ecosystem services in the Neman river catchment
2.1 R3.074 FanpLESStic-sea FanpLESStic-sea – Initiatives to remove micro-plastics before they enter the sea
2.1 R3.154 CONTRA Baltic Beach Wrack - Conversion of a Nuisance To a Resource and Asset
2.1 R3.017 WATERDRIVE Water driven rural development in the Baltic Sea Region
2.1 NonHazCity 2  Capitalizing key elements of NonHazCity: empowering private and professional users for better risk management and use reduction of chemical products in their cities
2.1 WAMBAF Tool Box Water Management in Baltic Forests - Tool box
2.2 R3.104 BalticBiomass4Value Unlocking the Potential of Bio-based Value Chains in the Baltic Sea Region
2.3 R3.208 LUCIA Lighting the Baltic Sea Region - Cities accelerate the deployment of sustainable and smart urban lighting solutions
2.4 GRASS Growing Algae Sustainably in the Baltic Sea
Приоритет 3
3.2 R3.057 MARA Mobility and Accessibility in Rural Areas - New approaches for developing mobility concepts in remote areas

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